Bench Top Machines

Benchtop Workplace Coffee Machines

Want to enjoy the smooth, silky taste of high-quality, professionally made coffee without having to walk to the nearest café? Or maybe there’s not enough space in your staff lunch area to install a full size commercial coffee machine for office use. At AusVendGroup, we allow you to choose from a range of benchtop office coffee machines to accommodate different bench heights, widths and depths. Everyone in your workplace will likely have varying levels of experience and confidence when it comes to workplace coffee machines, which is why we endeavour to provide office coffee solutions that are user-friendly, instinctive and won’t take up all the space in the world. Discover our available options today.

Compact, High-Quality Office Coffee Machines in Sydney, Melbourne and Australia Wide

When it comes to making a superb cup of coffee, you don’t need a coffee machine that spans the length of a café counter. You simply need fresh beans and fresh milk as well as a willingness to experiment with a fully automatic coffee machine until you find the flavour combination that appeals to you. AusVendGroup supplies office coffee machines to workplaces in Sydney, Melbourne and elsewhere throughout Australia. Let us help you find the best coffee machine for your office.

Why Choose AusVendGroup for Commercial Automatic Coffee Machines?

AusVendGroup is at the forefront of supply of commercial automatic coffee machines in Australia. We carry only the best brands in coffee machines and can accommodate a vast range of needs, offering machines in various sizes and styles. An AusVendGroup representative will come to your business to install your machine and provide basic training in how to use it. We can even supply all the essentials like beans, cups and coffee stirrers, as well as providing quality after-sales service on all automatic office coffee machines. Discover how we can help you today.