Premium Barista Options

Heavy Duty Coffee Machines

Coffee is a precious commodity in most workplaces, so when you’re in a work environment where there might only be two kettles at most and a tin of instant coffee, it’s understandable that staff members and visitors to your workplace might have something to say. In any case, it’s time to step up and upgrade to a heavy duty coffee machine that not only makes a drinkable cuppa but can also make more than one at a time. If you’re looking for the best commercial coffee machine for your business, check out the quality range of commercial office coffee machines available from AusVendGroup.

Discover What Good Coffee Really Tastes Like

You’ll be channelling your inner barista in no time once you get behind one of our brand new commercial office coffee machines. We stock a broad selection to suit almost any work environment, so if you’re looking specifically for a restaurant coffee machine or you have your eye on one of our corporate coffee machines, we’re sure to have models within your budget. No longer will you have to serve sub-standard coffee to clients and other valued guests of your workplace. Discover what good coffee really tastes like with a heavy duty coffee machine from AusVendGroup.

Why AusVendGroup is the First Choice for Corporate Coffee Machines

Whether you’re looking for a commercial espresso machine or a coffee machine for your restaurant, you can trust AusVendGroup to deliver service, products and advice of the highest standard. With representatives around Australia, we can come to your business to install and provide basic training on how to use your new machine. We can also provide you with essential servicing and maintenance to ensure your machine continues to deliver the finest brewed coffees for a long time to come!