Post-Coronavirus Coffee Machine Servicing

At Aus Vend Group, we understand that many workplaces are currently experiencing disruption as a result of the unfolding coronavirus crisis. But with countless offices and other workplaces switching to working from home arrangements, what does this mean for the office coffee machine? Many have been left in an unclean or semi-used state, with old water, milk and coffee left to spoil in the machine. That’s the last thing you want to come back to once it’s safe to return to your premises!

Fortunately, the team at Aus Vend Group can provide post-coronavirus servicing and maintenance Australia-wide so your coffee machine will be clean and well maintained upon your return. We’ll ensure your coffee machine is functioning as it should and won’t pose any hazards to health due to spoiled ingredients or mould growth.

To arrange post-coronavirus coffee machine servicing once you’re ready to return to the office, call Aus Vend Group today on (03) 1300 008 884.

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