Touchless Vending

Touchless Vending Options from Aus Vend Group

Aus Vend Group has touchless vending options available for customers looking to limit the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses. Our UK partner, Westomatic, is a leader in COVID-safe options that require no contact, and we’re proud to bring these options to the Australian market. We can also provide other solutions for minimising COVID-19 transmission. Enquire today to learn more about our available options.


The Safest Solution for You & Your Customers

For the safest solution for hot drink vending, you can’t go past the No-Touch Sigma Café. This machine requires no physical contact, with payment and drink selection able to be done without touch. This is made possible through Westomatic’s Hover Select technology, which was first developed in 2015. All your customers have to do is make cashless payment, hover their finger over a drink to select it, and then hover over ‘Make My Drink’. Their desired drink is then made with zero physical touch points, helping to reduce the transmission of COVID-19.




Aus Vend Group is also able to provide coronavirus-ready solutions for other machines, such as the fitting of plastic screens to act as a barrier between customers.




Find Out More Today

To find out more about our available options for COVID-safe vending, including touchless vending machines, discuss your requirements with Aus Vend Group today. You can reach our team by calling 1300 008 884 or submitting an online enquiry.

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