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For many workers across Australia, whether they work in an office, a classroom, a garage or a retail store, the first coffee of the shift can often set the tone for the rest of the workday. Some may be lucky enough to have a coffee machine for business use, while others might need a quick walk to the nearest cafe. On a scale of ‘instant coffee’ to ‘barista made liquid gold’, the best cuppa can put the pep in your step and help you get maximum enjoyment from the day. Instead of copping a caffeine hit, enjoy a caffeine hug with office coffee machine suppliers AusVendGroup.


Who is AusVendGroup

AusVendGroup helps businesses across Australia satisfy their daily coffee cravings by providing quality commercial coffee machines with a professional service. We also supply businesses with high-quality coffee vending machine supplies, all of which makes for a great tasting coffee!

In addition to being coffee machine suppliers for local businesses, AusVendGroup is also the exclusive beverage partner for Nestle Professional in Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory. We also maintain strategic partnerships with other operators and industrial coffee machine suppliers all over Australia.

Contact Us
Contact Us

Contact us now so we can discuss the many solutions we offer.

Meet you onsite
Meet you onsite

One of our representatives will meet with you to assess your needs and provide you with the most suitable equipment and solution.

Delivery & Installation
Delivery & Installation

We manage the delivery and installation of the machines at your workplace for free.

Filling & Maintenance
Filling & Maintenance

AusVendGroup will provide regular and reliable supply of products so your machine is always kept full.

Boost Productivity
Boost Productivity

Enjoy the benefits of having great tasting coffee at your workplace.

Why Choose Us?

AusVendGroup supplies the very best equipment and products
Here at AusVendGroup, we use only the best within the market, buying industrial coffee machines from leading manufacturers and sourcing coffee products that not only taste good but are also ethically sustainable.

We help businesses on a national scale
Wherever your business is situated in Australia, we have network contractors, employees and service technicians nationwide and ready to help you in any way. We can provide a commercial coffee machine as well as services that match the way your business works.

We have the service to match your needs
AusVendGroup can provide Full Valet Service, whereby we take care of everything, that being the entire filling and maintenance of your machines, or a ProCare Solution where we install and provide ongoing stock supply and you manage the filling processes.

AusVendGroup has every solution for every situation
Whether you want coffee, snacks, drinks, or all three, AusVendGroup can provide suitable options for your workplace at the best possible price.

Our Clients
National total service operator for all types of vending machines