Our Newest Addition!

18 Dec 2018

The NESCAFE Milano Combi isn’t a regular Ol’ Machine, this bad boy employs the latest innovative technology, giving you guys the highly awaited fresh bean and fresh milk to cup options. Now coming into this you would have assumed it was something way more exciting but let me simplify this… you walk into one of Melbourne’s trendy hipster cafes to grab your morning latte, the aroma of freshly ground beans hangs in the air creating an aromatic experience, the sound of the milk being frothed can be heard in the background, you are served by the barista (who probably has a beard) who asks you to hand over $4.50 for a medium coffee… this experience is what the Milano combi gives you, besides the overpriced bit, oh and the barista with a beard (sadly). This machine freshly grinds the beans and fills your cup with fresh, silky milk giving you that same enticing encounter you would in a cafe except it is in the confines of a durable well sized machine at your workplace, all at the touch of a button. Now that’s exciting!

Milano CombiHow does all this work you might ask? I have no idea! Honestly, I just acquired the information from the guy who knows how it works, and here is what he told me to write. This machine responds to consumer demand by making use of the latest grind, brew and heat technology to create a high-quality beverage. The Milano combi uses a technology known as Variflex which personalises the brew pressure depending on the beverage choice. Also, Varitherm creates the ideal temperature, making sure it isn’t too cold nor to warm, situating it in the middle producing a wholesome taste. As well as the all-important Vari-grind constructing the perfect ground beans within your cup. Now one may think why is this important, if the brew, pressure, temperature and going aren’t all perfect your coffee will essentially taste awful, all coffee places will fine-tune their machines to produce similar results however it does adjust based on the beverage choice and can slip in and out throughout the day. The Milano combi doesn’t the technology is top quality producing consistent and quality beverages on a regular basis.

If all of this works correctly, then you’re able to create up to 24 different beverage options, want hot mocha with extra coffee? The Milano Combi can give it to you. A double espresso to get through the rest of your day? It has it, offering variety and a choice personal to you. Honestly, this is the perfect workplace coffee machine. I don’t know why you wouldn’t give us a call today!

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