The Benefits of a Workplace Coffee Machine

17 Jan 2019

Everyone can agree that Mondays are the worst, you’re coming off the hype of the weekend back to the humdrum of your job that has to be done. You may believe that there is no way that Monday’s can be improved, well I’ll let you in on a little secret, they’re called workplace coffee machines. Yes, it is combining one word you hate ‘work’ with a word that evokes love ‘coffee’ but trusts me on this, they can be present at the same time. Now coffee not only helps you get through a Monday, but it also provides a boost on social interactions, productivity and increases happiness! Now that all sounds amazing, no doubt you should install one of ours in your workplace (had to plug there)

Now you may be wondering why all of this works the way it does well for starters, taking a coffee break with colleagues fosters connections and better collaborative prospects. It is a relaxed environment where projects can be discussed in a light-hearted manner. Nespresso conducted a survey and discovered that 81% of Australians believe that coffee improved workplace conversations. Whatever the time of day, coffee or a hot beverage of your choice produces the ability to bond over a common item.

Furthermore, the all-important productivity within the workplace tends to improve in the presence of coffee. Two things are improved by having a coffee machine within the workplace, on one hand, employees tend to not waste an abundance of time and money by visiting the local cafe, and secondly, caffeine helps us feel energetic and focused by stimulating the central nervous system. It helps us to not feel the effects of sleepiness by blocking the receptor site of the chemical molecule known as adenosine, overall inhabiting the effects of tiredness and increasing our alertness and focus.

Both in combination with each other, improved social interactions and productivity, are the recipe for workplace success. Lowered morale within the workplace produces resentful employees who have little incentive to perform to a high standard. Many things can improve the above however why limit your options? Introducing a workplace coffee machine is just another way to create a better work environment.

Want the perfect coffee?