The Latest in Innovative Technology

24 Jan 2019

Technology never ceases to amaze, its rapid progression is more than just the mobile phone in your hand or a new 4k television. It is allowing the productivity and efficiency within a workplace to increase and continue on the trajectory. The Juggler cafe milk tap system, designed by Six Simple Machines, is shaking up the coffee sector. It is a chilled milk dispensing system designed for cafes, now that may not sound like much but having freshly chilled milk, that doses the correct amount of milk each time increases the chances of better tasting coffee every time. Now that’s something worth getting excited over.

With an inbuilt sensor, it recognises the size of the jug being used and dispenses the set volume the barista requires. A slight press against the sensor and the milk is automatically dispensed, no hands needed. Meaning you can focus on other tasks without having to worry about manual dosing. If you’re meticulous about milk within the coffee, The Juggler offers that to offering the flexibility needed. Depending on the size of the workplace The Juggler offers a single or double tap, meaning you can dispense different kinds of milk from either one or dispense two from a single tap.

The benefits of this system include having the appropriate amount of milk dosed every time, this automatically reduces the wastage of milk otherwise present when using milk from a bottle. Customers notice when ‘The Juggler’ is being used within the workplace, efficiency is increased due to the automatic dispense demonstrating intuitive employees, a reduction of wastage both with plastic and milk, as well as better tasting coffee due to the presence of cold milk. Cold fresh milk tastes better as provides a consistent texture amongst the coffee.

Overall ‘The Juggler’ provides a clean, efficient and committed workspace, its modular design declutters the barista’s workspace and recedes time spent on during the milk to perfection. It allows them to focus on what matters, the customer and the coffee.

Want the perfect coffee?